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Staff To Support You


Trillium's staff is professional, organized, unobtrusive and personable. We take pride in how the “Trillium Party” is synonymous with the most imaginative,

flawlessly executed events, parties, weddings, banquets, and conferences – large, small, corporate and private.


Our event planning team

Extraordinary in expertise and commitment to quality. For us, it's not just a job; it is our joy to guide you through every aspect of planning your event. Trillium brides know their options are confined only by their imagination and they can relax knowing every detail will be accounted for. We can recommend anything from how to set your budget and where to seat your guests to the timing of the toasts and selecting favors.


Imagine being a guest at your own party.

We know how much this means to you and your guests – and perhaps even your boss. We are with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your event so you can relax. We'll take care of the details from setting up sound systems and electronics to assembling the Lakeshore’s best in floral design, music and photography.


From beginning to end, you can count on Trillium’s years of expertise to help you make the right choices. 

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